3D Origami - My Best Art Collection - Jaxster (Modular Origami)

Here is a collection of my 3D Origami art. The majority of pieces in this video are my original designs except for the Hello Kitty and the Jewelry box. The Jewelry box was created by a legendary 3D Origami artist in Mr. Park in Korea. I was fortunate to be taught by a master in the art form. I then went back to the states and incorporated my own style and designs. I have done a lot of research on 3D origami and I think it would be safe to say that I'm one of the best 3D Origami artists in the world. The difference between my art style and the majority of the rest is the attention to fine detail for every individually folded piece of paper.

All of these artworks are made from paper. These are entirely created of individually folded pieces that are glued into place one by one and then coated with a protective sealant. The majority of the character pieces are made up of over 800+ pieces of paper.

Learn more about Jaxster at Jaxster.com.

Song: Just a Little by 1fifteen.com - FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE

Song was made and produced by Jaxster.

For more on 3d Origami Art go to http://www.3dOrigamiArt.com"

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